Common Indian foods – Carbohydrate and Calorie content.

இந்திய உணவுகள் – மாவுச்சத்து & கலோரி அளவுகள்

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  1. ஸ்டேன்லி

    உணவு கட்டுப்பாடு மேற்கொள்பவர்களுக்கு மிகச்சிறந்த அட்டவணை… மருத்துவர் சேவை தொடர வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  2. Fathima

    I want to lose weight so pls guide me and give me de
    tails diet chart list…


    1. Vijayaanand Venkatesan

      Hi SIr, Doctor has posted many videos. Please watch, it has clear info whatever you need.

  3. Nagarajan

    Thanks sir, night time non-veg sapta kudathu nu sollvaanga, appudi saptalama sir

  4. Selvabanumathi

    Sir IAM 138 kg weight I want to loose weight please guide me

  5. Maheshwari

    I want to lose my weight please give guidelines and food diet chat

  6. riya

    hello sir i m riya from vellore
    my weight 65kg
    i have started diet for 45 days
    with regular 12kmtrs waking per day
    but the result was nil
    i hav not loosed half kg
    what can i do
    can u guide me

  7. Niranjan

    To diet

  8. Jai

    I want to heeling ulcerative colitis and piles give me good tips sir

  9. Monisha Kaliyamoorthy

    Tq sir.. For ur guidance

  10. Persia Muthukumar

    Very useful information and thank u sir. We are always hearing that don’t eat nonveg at night time . But ur chart ?? Pls explain for the purpose sir.

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