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Paleo diet or LCHF diet is a form of low carbohydrate dietary lifestyle. The Paleo diet’s history goes all the way back to about forty thousand years ago, when humans began to hunt animals and gather fruits, vegetables, and nuts in order to survive. There is no “founder” of the Paleo diet per say; rather, modern fitness gurus and scientists specialize in Paleo research and studies.

It was developed by Stanley Boyd Eaton and Melvin Konner, and popularized by Loren Cordain in his 2002 book “The Paleo Diet”. He suggested a diet high in animal protein, omega 3 fats, monounsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fiber and devoid of refined sugars, cereal grains, pulses, dairy products, vegetable oils and processed foods. Since then innumerable research groups have worked on the benefits of paleo / low carb diet and hundreds of research papers have been published in leading medical journals regarding the benefits of paleo / low carb diet.

The Indian version of paleo / low carb diet was propagated by Mr. Neander Selvan through his facebook group named Arogyam & Nalvaazhvu. Mr. Sivaram Jagadeesan and many others joined this bandwagon and made this a mini revolution in southern part of India. Medical doctors like me, initially skeptical about this diet, started this diet for our own problems and started experiencing the benefits. Then, we started prescribing the diet to our patients and we were simply astonished by the results. Since then I have guided more than 5000 patients to follow a low carb lifestyle and helped them to get rid of innumerable lifestyle related diseases. I have also taken up the job of research in this field of low carb diet and adding more and more conditions to the repertoir of diseases that can improve with low carb diet. I have ennumerated below few of the many conditions that can be managed excellently with Paleo / LCHF / Low Carb lifestyle.

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Obesity is one of the biggest modern day epidemics and people try innumerable methods – both scientific and unscientifc ways to tackle the same. Paleo / LCHF diet is the most scientific and safest way to lose weight efficiently and effortlessly. It also helps to tackle all the associated problems such as joint pains and arthritis, snoring and sleep apnea(OSAP), fatty liver, etc. When combined with modest physical activity it drastically improves the health quotient of an obese person. Our doctor has helped reduce weight of people even upto 190 kg and saved them from bariatric surgeries and innumerable drugs.


Diabetes is another modern day killer for which medical world is pumping millions to find a perfect solution. But it already exists – that’s LCHF diet. By reducing carbohydrates, both insulin resistance and requirement decreases and fat/protein is used as alternate fuel. This gives excellent sugar control, reduces medicine requirements by many folds and it even reverses diabetes and makes people drug / insulin free when followed properly. It even helps in reversing early kidney / nerve / eye damage due to diabetes. Our doctor has treated thousands of diabetic people with this diet and has given a new lease of life to many.


PCOD is the most common cause of infertility nowadays. Without treating the root cause which is insulin resistance, people are spending millions in numerous procedures and hormonal treatments. LCHF diet excellently cures PCOD and associated infertility. Our doctor has guided hundreds of women to tackle PCOD and infertility. Even couples with infertility more than 10 years duration have benefitted from this diet and have had babies by spontaneous conception.


Insulin resistance is one the key causes of increased blood pressure. Paleo diet tackles blood pressure by reducing insulin resistance. Many people have reduced their blood pressure medications many fold with the help of Paleo / LCHF dietary lifestyle. 

allergy / auto immune diseases

Allergic diseases like asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis have close links to food that we eat. Auto immune disorders like Psoriasis, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, etc also have dietary origins. By eliminating grains, dairy products in Paleo diet and by following a specified Auto immune Diet protocol, our doctor has helped hundreds of people reduce their drugs, achieve remission and live healthier lives. 

and many more diseases...

The list of diseases that get improved with LCHF / Paleo diet goes on and on. Some of them include

  • Fatty liver disease
  • Cholesterol issues (high triglycerides, low HDL)
  • Fits / Epilepsy
  • Migraine
  • Non-healing diabetic / vascular ulcers
  • Irritable Bowel Disease, GERD

uber fitness / SPorts

Paleo diet is not only for diseased people. Healthy people can become even more healthier by following paleo nutrition with appropriate physical activity. Low carb nutrition for sports is widely gaining popularity and famous cricketers, tennis, badminton players, ultra marathon runners are switching over to paleolithic low carb nutrition to enhance their performance and sports capacity. It’s also an efficient way to reduce body fat percentage and become uber fit.

Pre-requisites for Diet Consultation

Dietary advice is given after furnishing the following details.

Age, sex, weight, height, Diet preference.

Complete medical history – diseases and medication summary, past history of major illnesses or surgery, allergy, personal history including h/o smoking, alcohol, etc.

We also advice a blanket blood / urine investigation for following reasons.

  • As a screening purpose to find out unknown / early diseases.
  • To know associated alterations in major parameters.
  • To know the state of preexisting disease.

Hence we advise following tests,

  • Complete blood hemogram,
  • Lipid profile, liver function test, renal function test
  • Iron profile, vitamin D, B12 levels
  • Cardiac risk markers including hscrp,
  • Thyroid profile, HbA1C,
  • Urine complete analysis, Urine microalbumin.

List of investigations to be done are to be discussed with the doctor before doing them because we add some specific tests  / remove few tests based on individual disease conditions.

After getting the reports done, the person must contact the doctor for fixing an appointment before coming for consultation. If ones lives far away from doctor’s place, online/telephonic dietary consultation can also be opted for. (Call / Email for details)

We also advice regular follow up investigations every 3-6 months to look for improvement in preexisting disease conditions and alterations in other parameters. Hence proper pre and post paleo investigations with regular follow-ups are a must for people with disease conditions following lchf / paleo diet.

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